elder law

The Older Americans Act was passed in 1965 during the Johnson administration, and its aim was to provide Americans age 65 and older with basic necessities (i.e. housing), as well as guaranteed safety from abuse and/or exploitation. The act cited reliable housing, job opportunities without bias, and protection from fraud as guaranteed for all elder Americans. It also laid the groundwork for the legal practice area known today as elder law.

Elder law encompasses issues such as Medicaid/Medicare claims, estate administration and planning, disability, guardianship, retirement planning, nursing home and in-home care, power of attorney, age discrimination and rights advocacy.

An elder law attorney can help you with the following:

  • Draft a living will

  • Create a power of attorney

  • Establish guardianship

  • Find the right in-home care or nursing home for your spouse or loved one

  • File nursing home claims

  • Inform and educate on the importance of wills and estate planning

  • Ensure proper financial planning, education and representation

  • Plan for retirement

  • Establish end-of-life directives

Everyone has unique circumstances, and elder law attorneys are highly specialized in these areas of representation, and can advise you or a loved one on the best path forward. Contact our firm for a consultation here


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