Shindler Neff, LLP


     Founded in 1946, Shindler Neff, LLP is a law firm based in Toledo, Ohio, serving clients in Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan. Over the years, the name of the firm has changed several times to reflect the identities of the senior partners, and is currently comprised of eight attorneys, including attorneys Of Counsel who assist in specific jurisdictions of the law. Partners of this firm, both past and present, have occupied positions of honor and trust in the profession as well as in the larger legal community. Such positions include Mayor of Toledo, Magistrate, Appeals Court Judge, Federal District Court Senior Judge, Toledo Municipal Court Judge, Toledo Bar Association President, State Bar Association Trustee, and State Bar Association Fellow.

     What has not changed over the years is our commitment to the ideals of ethical law practice, the superior level of skill and experience exercised by our attorneys, and the ability to meet and exceed client needs and expectations. The firm treasures its reputation as a pre-eminent, full-service law firm with a rich history and promising future, and we adhere to the preservation of ethics and service as set forth in our Mission Statement.  We commit to counsel and represent our clients with the utmost professionalism, honor, trust and confidence.


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